Foxton Locks Incline Museum

Group: Tom Farrow, Nick Katintsaros, Ian Ritson

The basis of this project is the reconstruction of the Incline Plane at Foxton Locks in Leicestershire. The Incline Plan was dismantled in the 1922 after 10 years of abandonment, there is already a campaign to have the Incline Plane reconstructed. Our vision for the reconstruction is a mix of original and new elements. The original boiler which is already a museum is retained as an entrance space, a new glass winding shed allows visitors to see how impressive Victorian engineering works. The steam engine is no longer needed as the whole mechanism is mostly powered by a counter balance, only a 25 horse power motor is needed to overcome the friction on the wheels.

Also check out the project video, created by Nick:


Tutors: Ben and Sara (2011)

Copyright © 2011 - Ian Ritson